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To our loyal customers and those who are yet to experience their best-ever cake experience, we are excited to announce that we recently rebranded our product. Say hi to the “Omich” formally called a “Cakewich.” 

At Wani Cakes, it is our mission to celebrate lives by encouraging people to celebrate themselves and the people around them. We do this by offering the best cakes made with simple premium ingredients. We believe that no matter where anyone is in life, there is always something worth celebrating and what better way to celebrate all of life’s small and big accomplishments than with a delicious piece of cake.

An Omich is a delicious cake sandwich that pairs a “Nigerian Cake” with bold and exciting flavors you love.  Our cakes are light, full-bodied with a deep vanilla and buttery flavor. 


We have three amazing flavors of our product. Our top seller has been the “Berry Summer” which is a delicious vanilla cake made from scratch, paired with our berry medley that is bursting with fresh fruit flavors, and our signature cream that is light, rich, and, creamy, but not too sweet. Our other flavors are Nutty Crunch, and S'mores. And rest assured, we never use any artificial preservatives or coloring.

An Omich is sold as a kit with the cake and filling separate inside a plastic container. It is like a “Lunchables®” but for desserts. We do this so that you can easily transport it and enjoy forkfuls of delicious cake anywhere life takes you.

We launched this product last year and the feedback from our customers was nothing but outstanding. One of our accomplishments to date was we were nominated as one of the top 20 contestants in the MI New Favorite Snack Competition last year.

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