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What's our Cakewich

At Wani We Celebrate Lives

People want to eat great quality cake that is affordable. This is why we developed the Cakewich. What is a cakewich you ask? Well, a customer once said, "it's the most decadent sandwich they ever had." You get it right, it's a sandwich made with two pieces of cake with deliciousness like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, Nutella, S'mores, etc. between them. And more often there is a healthy smothering of whipped cream on top. We have three amazing flavors (with many more to come): Berry Summer, Nutella Crunch, and S'mores.


If you read our About Us story you will know Anwelli is the crazy one on the team and is an engineer by training. While other engineers dream of putting people on Mars, he says he will be happy to put cakewiches on the astronauts' menu. So hey NASA, SpaceX, etc. Anwelli is waiting for your call to bring deliciousness into outer space (734-858-0487 or! 

But for those of us still on earth, you can get an experience of this deliciousness by visiting us at our next pop-up event. Please contact us for the location of our next event!

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