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About Wani

A cake is beauty and taste. Our cake designs take inspiration from nature and patterns all around us. We are very fussy about the looks, but we at Wani love to EAT cake. So our cakes are always fresh and made with the finest ingredients. 

Our Story

Wani Cakes was born in 2017 after Bola and Anwelli’s wedding. In 2017, planning their wedding on a budget, Anwelli had an idea:

"Hey Bola, how about I bake the cake for our wedding?" Bola was like, “What???"

Bola thought, "I love this guy, and I have tried his stuff and it’s amazing, and yeah, I know he learned baking from the best [his Mom who was trained in the UK as a culinary chef]… but we have 200 guests coming and he wants to bake our cake?... Nah!"

Smooth Talk Anwelli, “Bola trust me, It’ll be amazing, I have this idea of a cake table with a three-tier main cake, with a single-tier cake… there’ll be candles, champagne glasses, red roses, etc. It will be amazing.”

Anwelli laid out a mock version of his vision of the cake table, and Bola was sold. But she admits that she must have been crazy to hand her big day to this smooth-talking guy.

Bola was not disappointed, and everyone loved the cakes. Building on that success Wani Cakes was launched so that we can help our customers celebrate life in all its flavors.

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